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We are Little Beast Engineering

A consultancy bureau specializing in superconducting magnets

We provide expert advice on superconducting magnets, be it HTS or LTS. Our co-founder is one of the leading experts when it comes to high-temperature superconducting magnets. He expertly crafted the open source Rat code for calculating magnetic fields and one of the first fully 3D network solvers for HTS (and LTS) modeling called Raccoon.

Would you like our help? Feel free to contact us for advice.

The Rat-GUI is now for sale!

As of February 14th, 2022 we have officially launched the Rat Graphical User Interface (Rat GUI). For more information, please visit www.rat-gui.ch, or read more about it below.

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We specialize in three-dimensional modeling tools for (transient) simulations of magnets

The Rat Graphical User Interface- A beast of a designer tool

Now available for sale!

The Rat Library is an open-source 3D magneto-static field calculation library written in C++. To support our development of the Rat Library a closed-source Graphical User Interface (GUI) has been developed by Little Beast Engineering. The Rat GUI provides convenient access to the features in the Rat Library, shows your the 3D coil geometries as well as the output of the different types of field calculations in real time.

The Rat GUI

The Rat GUI comes with many example geometries that can be combined to form the most complex coil shapes. The Rat GUI also includes advanced features to quickly design Canted Cosine Theta (CCT) coils with for instance harmonics varying along the length of the coil.

The Rat GUI is now available for purchase and we offer a free, thirty-day trial without the obligation to buy. If you are interested in trying or buying the Rat GUI, please check out the website at www.rat-gui.ch or send us an e-mail.


Rat - Your magnet's best friend

We are the creators behind the open source Rat software.

Rat can be used to quickly calculate the magnetic field of any magnet. It is extremely fast thanks to the Multi-Level Fast Multipole Method algorithm. It is written completely in C++ and can be used with ParaView for visualization.

Check it out now on GitLab logo.


Raccoon - Solve any problem

Our flagship simulation tool is Raccoon, with a fully three-dimensional electro-magnetic and thermal network solver at its core. Raccoon can be used for instance to calculate quench behavior and ramp-up/ramp-down scenarios, even for non- or partially-insulated coils.

Would you like us to do a transient 3D-simulation of your magnet? Request a free quote here. The Raccoon software is currently not for sale, and it is also not included in the Rat GUI.


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